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As part of our NSF-funded Lomekwi field project, the WTPP has worked with local leaders and the community to idenfity ways we could best help local families, especially kids.  We are supporting several children from area communities to attend school, which requires an annual fee.  We also constructed a simple building that hosts a primary school for kids from the local area.  Jackson Dongol (one of the WTTP team members) has his children already enrolled.  And we particularly like his son's tshirt!  We will continue to upgrade the school, and support the community, as we move forward. Working with local communities to help them in ways that best meets their needs always is one of the highest priorities for WTPP field projects.

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The WTPP is thrilled to announce that the brand new Kanapoi Primary School opened its doors to 36 enthusiastic students in 2017.  They are already learning fast and doing well.  The Kanapoi area has had no school for more than fifteen years.  This was the one thing that the local people wanted most.  Working with community leaders and government officials, the WTPP constructed a basic building initially, and secured a teacher and even a school lunch program! Further improvements have been made since.  The school is growing fast and adding classes, and the kids are learning and doing well.


The WTPP supports the Prehistory Club of Kenya, run by Fredrick Manthi through the National Museums of Kenya.  The Prehistory Club makes presentations to local schools around Nairobi and beyond, holds workshops for teachers, brings kids from remote areas to the Nairobi National Museum for educational tours, and more.  We consider educating Kenyans about their prehistory to be one of the most important things we can do as a project, and are excited to continue this effort.

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